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zero. and for us. in the. coverage of looking for an easy solution we delve deeper and challenge the status quo. for a new season of love from at this time. this is al jazeera. live from studio fourteen here at al-jazeera headquarters in doha
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santamaria welcome to the news. from turkey cook iraqi government said the big consequences of the kurds held their independence referendum. according to them taking back control with resistance and the result is people leaving in their thousands of team was in amongst them as they left to an uncertain future and we've been following the online reaction from iraq he's. also on the grid the aftermath of catalonia referendum still the situation is on korea monday was the deadline for the council on leader to show his hand instead he sent a message for more dialogue but still not saying if the region would declare its independence and eight hundred and fifty million people. how is it that eleven percent of the world's population lives like this on welfare
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day we'll examine food security and what looks like it's getting worse. on air and streaming online through you tube facebook live and at al-jazeera dot com the events in northern iraq have moved very quickly this month started with the iraqi army moving in to take over facilities and military posts but as of ninety minutes ago it appears total control of kirkuk is now in iraqi hands this is the response from baghdad after the kurds of course held the independence referendum last month we got these pictures they came in minutes ago actually from the center of kirkuk the iraqi army is there in large numbers along with the shia militias who are allied with them not so visible the kurdish peshmerga forces who were reported to have put up a little resistance as we said the people of kirkuk also left the city in their thousands and we're going to hear more of their stories in a moment total control was declared when iraqi military forces took over the
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government building in the central city and prime minister hyderabadi ordered the iraqi flag be hoisted so. let's take a closer look now what the iraqi forces have snatched up how they did it in pretty short time that government building i was talking about there it is right in the center of kirkuk and these arrows show the direction in which the iraqi forces and the allied militia pushed into the area from the south from the west as they did they took over there the k. one military airbase which is of course critical and then even closer into kirkuk city they took control of the airport in doing all of this prime minister about he said he was fulfilling his constitutional duty of serving the people and protecting the unity of the country let's face the threat of division due to the kurdish leadership holding the referendum as he said unilaterally in response kurdish leader massoud barzani said about his government was the only one responsible for this aggression and they would pay a heavy price for it while the u.s. mission in iraq called for all parties to immediately cease military action and
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restore calm it said it supports the peaceful existence of joint administration by the central and the regional governments now here is how one kurdish commander explain what's been going on in kirkuk today. you who i don't know what is happening exactly because we've been in the fight since four in the morning in the area does a we have suffered casualties and now we have we've drawn to this position that some of the other kiddish forces have pulled out they didn't even fire a single shot we are holding our position here and on top of that some residents even picked up arms and said they were ready to fight the iraqi troops themselves. what ever only. we the residents of cook took to the streets to protect our city against already an attack on the shia population front they want to occupy our land and we are here to tell them they will not let them into the city who will resist them to the death but we still want peace and dialogue to save people's lives.
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we took arms to defend the homeland we reject any deal with baghdad and we the residents of arms to defend our city and confront attacks by the she our popular mobilization front and the iranians and we will a victim as we did with isis. or right his chance tribe he spent the day near witnessed that stream of people leaving is back and talk us through what you saw today. but what an incredible day for the history of this country and especially the history of this region and we saw thousands of families fleeing from the kurdish city all of killed cook sorry the city of kirkuk that oil rich city that has been so contest states for so long right now a lot of people very angry with this withdrawal as well they're standing by the
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side of the road that. they were. fighting is demanding. their colleagues went back to kill cook and continued to try and defend it but there are a lot of very very frightened people as well a lot of people desperate to get out as quickly as possible i think was so surprising used the speed with which this is happened it took route about fifteen hours for iraqi forces to take control of the city we saw the first movements last night at around one thirty a.m. a push from the south towards positions an area actually that we visited a couple of days ago an area called el watered that at the time was heavily fortified a lot of deployed. had been sent to that position we understand around six thousand peshmerga across that region that area had been deployed a warrant fell relatively quickly then we saw the vital k. one that military bases had been controlled by the peshmerga since two thousand and
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fourteen that fell then the airport and frankly it was all pretty much over certainly according to the iraqi military by around four pm the softer noon so it is taken everybody completely by surprise. we've been speaking to people in the city in the last sort of few minutes and they saying that things are calm but there is a great sense of fear among some of the people who have remained fair. all the prizes favor of the actions that the iraqi military and the shiite militias have been accused all but denied accused of committing in the past so charles what does the k r g the kurdistan regional government do now it take it clearly isn't in charge anymore its military force the peshmerga has apparently melted away in the face of all this iraqi army coming in what do do they. well this is this is the
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vital question isn't it i mean they the sense of surprise here one can imagine amongst the k r g government after this victory here must be quite quite incredible it was only last night at around this time that there was a meeting between president barzani members of the factions and the iraqi. president in his solo money or it was following that meeting that there was this this show of unity we will defend. kirkuk we will not in any way nullify and make null and void the referendum results the controversial referendum that we saw last month here and yet as i say so quickly has killed cook fall and killed cook was of vital importance to this regional government a goodish regional government is sore kirkuk as being integrity to a future kurdish independent state it's also interesting that we're beginning to hear the blame game starting certainly according to one of burrs on his leading
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advisors. he says that he has evidence of one of the main shia militia groups thanking a group called a sible haq thanking members of the p u k party the kurdish party. all of their cooperation in helping with this withdrawal from the some of these areas around kirkuk that suggests huge sort factionalism within the kurdish regional government and could well cause lots of problems but at this stage one would think there is just a shock about what has happened to a city that many of them called their jerusalem. good stuff charles drive ins in erbil great reporting today as well out on the road near kirkuk an interesting tweet have just had a from james denzel who is with that the charity save the children. he said it's worth remembering this is important with remembering that one in ten iraqis already
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displaced from their homes before the latest exodus is being reported so so many people were already displaced and now this is happening it just adds to the misery doesn't it so that was charles we saw him and we're also going to hear now from the who is a correspond with access to channel al jazeera arabic he is near to the oil installations outside this now. we're standing outside the oil fields west of cook city these are the fields iraqi government has demanded the kurdish region to hand over those fields stretch over a large area of land those to the left in addition to a number of fields ahead of us over there you can see a trench set up by the peshmerga forces of the kurdistan democratic party we can also see some armored vehicles stationed in defensive positions not far from here stands a cohen military camp a few kilometers from here the camp was abandoned following an agreement between the patriotic union of kurdistan and baghdad to give up the strategic positions as
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demanded by baghdad including camp till awad the industrial area and military air strip all these positions were seized by the peshmerga under orders from the kurdistan regional government following the withdrawal of the iraqi forces in two thousand and fourteen with the arrival of eisel after us will defeat and seizing control of the city by the iraqi forces and the people's mobilization forces baghdad demanded kurdistan province to hand back these positions as of now the kurdistan democratic party refuses to hand over these positions but patriotic union of kurdistan had an agreement with baghdad to hand over these positions without fighting so let's hear the view from baghdad now. to us earlier an iraqi member of parliament who told us baghdad is constitutionally allowed to impose his rule in cook. one of the suburbs of. now under the control
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of the iraqi security forces. this is this is certainly the what's happening here people should not forget that. there was and there the control of the government of iraq and the two thousand and fourteen when. stormed the three provinces not to knock out who read the book was it the world of the occupied by the peshmerga and they're trying to create a new fact or a new reality on the ground and. this was this was it so did it clear to me that liberation after have been undone by about islamic council after presenting the iraqi parliament has brought iraq at the right the prime minister the commander in chief. deep deploy iraqi security forces all over the country all over that it's of it in iraq gook or the or whatever this is the
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constitutional of the prime minister and the commander in chief. to impose to implement the rule of law to implement this sovereignty of the government. and that's what you doing now in other developments since we've been on air turkey's cabinet has decided to close its airspace to kurdish controlled northern iraq and it's also working to hand over the main land border crossing to baghdad the central iraqi government has hashim a whole barren areas and i'm talking on the turkish syrian border in the scheme of things today hashing with what's been going in this is a pretty major development it's sort of tightening the noose on the scottish region . yes come out indeed fast moving developments here with the turkish government saying that he's going to close the space to flights from and in to.
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this regional. region but the same time that the government is going to work other details of handing over the border crossing to the iraqi government there are three border crossings on the border between turkey and iraq through of them under the control of the the iraqi government the turkish government is just in the harbor which is the main border crossing is going to be and of the control of the government the deputy prime minister who was making a statement today was asked about whether the military is going to be turkish weird is going to be deployed to the area to secure it but he didn't further elaborate but then come out if you see the the referendum in kurdistan is creating a new political realignment in the region we've seen now the turkish government took a sufficient visiting iran and also senior military commanders in iraq visiting turkey and talking about coordination in the future that the referendum has created many
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concerns in the region it was described as a huge mistake and threat to national security and this explains why we're seeing the turkish government taking a similar steps along with the iraqi government to put more pressure on the kurds in iraq to try to back backtrack on the decisions they made we're gonna have those days when the iraqi government with the international community to put more pressure on the turkish government to pull out its troops stationed in or near. mosul now the narrative has changed the iraqi government and the turkish government talking with somehow similar tone when it comes to. iraq thank you hashem for that update from an taqiyya bear. where should we go live pictures coming in right now people out celebrating on the street i can see a few iraqi flags being held they will sit me down in the bottom if time corner of
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your picture is struck the told us before this happened quick this is a fifteen hour operation basically by the iraqi army starting off with taking the important military in oil installations and look what happens fifteen hours later they are in control that iraqi side you see the man holding there has also been hoisted above the government building in kirkuk the iraqis it would seem firmly in control we're going to talk to them now who's a kurdistan native but is also the director all of american kurdish information network and is in washington d.c. for us thank you for your time. as i just pointed out this is happened really really quickly today what does it mean for the kurdish regional government now and what can it do. kurdistan regional government is not going to go away it's going to stay put they have lost. it may have lost their coke to central government i think in two thousand and fourteen central
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government was curved to fifteen. hundred something state cut roads the problem is not who controls the problem is what to do with the kurds in the middle east they want political space and they constitute the majority in the city of kirkuk saddam tried to ethnically cleanse the city changed the name of the city to out i mean. it didn't address the issue he's there now and the central government needs to find a way to work with the kurds until and unless there is done today a complete maybe in the hands of you know. arab forces in iraq and tomorrow it may change hands again tony let me ask you a question which is coming from one of our viewers we have people watching on facebook life has written and said if the iraqi army has full control then why are the people of iraq or in the states cook why are they fleeing is it that they fear
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the iraqi army or they were just why don't you explain. well for the last one hundred years ever since iraq was put together by the british colonialists the kurds have had nothing but troubles from the central government they have been gassed their language has been banned their culture has been you know viewed suspect they have been viewed as you know a tradition like representing backwardness this is the kurds want equality you know this referendum was not about separation this referendum was about. walking talking there you know that there are differences with the central government. is the areas are called disputed and the iraqi constitution that was put together in two thousand and five article one for he says there should be there should be elections in two thousand and seven two years after the constitution was passed seven ten years have you know ten years have passed and there's no there was no
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implementation of that article and then there was this monstrosity called ices that came about and then when they left the city the curse took over and now they wanted to resolve their differences with the central government or that they haven't currently sorry to interrupt because i had another comment from one of our viewers on facebook kevin you made the point it said the kurds seem to do pretty well basic you would cook they have defended it from isis let's see how iraq does in that position it is very important for the iraqis if they're going to take over to keep the pace. well iran because it's fractured there is a kurdish element there is this an element there is a shiite government right now the shiites are calling the shots iran is inside iran . iran is inside iraq wasn't clear money who was at the outskirts of cork you cannot dominate a people's desire to be free by force you can walk talk to them you can resolve
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your differences with them you can give them political space to have peace. look at what happened in syria one family wanted to dominate the whole country and now how it is that has been internally displaced four million of them are refugees and iraq was supposed to be the marchese and what those are the market where those democracy mean it means people expressing their will what habits of twenty five people expressed their will why is the middle east so angry about that why why or why the talking heads or the ruling circles are not respecting that country so i'm thank you so much for your time much appreciated to get your views and thank you also to our viewers for sending in those questions all right rick here you've been looking at what people actually inside her coke have been saying take us through that yes so although there are many conflicting accounts of what's going on inside of her cook many journalists are now on the ground helping us tell their story let me just
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quickly just can reconnect the laptop because it's just been informed that we've just lost connection give me a moment all right let's back up all right so this is journalist harold turned us now is in a different language i'll translate the suv for english the kurds here and kirk a very emotional people crying screaming shooting into the air calling for reinforcements and they're afraid that the city is going to fall this is the reaction that he got from people there he also showed us this picture up to conserve in a little bit for you. yes just. that's one of the large queues of people trying to get out of the city heading towards erbil now a journalist john beck filmed this video showing heavily armed men in the streets of cook and this other clip is from also were english this is the twitter account there showing just dozens of civilians and greeting iraqi forces as they entered her coke city another on the other side of the spectrum this is journalist stefan
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bill he sent us this video which says which he says shows some kurdish civilians throwing rocks at retreating peshmerga forces as they were trying to make their way out and reporters on the ground have also been sharing how they're covering the events on t.v. reporter john with us says that the city is out of control the shot over our heads people are angry at everyone and they took my microphone and destroyed it can't film a thing as you can imagine it's a very difficult situation there for all the press trying to cover the story and some of those also took to helping civilians as you can see in this video this is rude or english reporter who are ahmed trying to do just that as the conflict continues around him i do apologize for the glitches on that video of people also taking to social media to discuss the foreign involvement and many all singing about the role of iran and the united states now is david phillips he's the
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director of peace building and human rights at columbia university he says that the iraqi army backed by iran attacks u.s. allies incur kerk shameful silence by the trump administration. and there's also foreign policy analyst michael page and this was said i lost two hundred fifty five times it's basically said that iran assessing present trends results by attacking a u.s. ally in her coke less than sixty hours after us is it nation of the islamic revolutionary guard corps that's a branch of iran's forces so in your thoughts especially if you are currently incur cook to keep safe and tell us what you're seeing you can tweet me directly i am after him hommage we're going to simply use the hash tag thank you. for you coming up in detail with the hash tag a.j. and you should because you've been sending in a bunch of really good questions and comments and i thank you so much for that on twitter at i j english you can pop a tweet into the threads there do put the hash tag so we know facebook dot com
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slash a.j. newsgroup this is where i've gotten some great questions from tonight questions which you can post as you go as you watch or on whatsapp plus nine seven four five i want to pull one for nine and that's not just for comments and questions that's as well he was saying if you are anywhere near any of this and you can safely send us some pictures or video do it send it on whatsapp it be great we're going to move on but if a cease or situation developing in spain the situation between the spanish government and the cattlemen's over the independents voted spanish government gave catalonia leader until monday today to declare if his region plans to secede from spain or not but i was pushing on didn't instead he sent a letter asking for talks so now spain has come back setting a new deadline for him to do so which is on thursday but already counted on television is reporting he won't make any such declaration by that deadline either for the record he is the lesser it was posted on twitter by the official account of the catalonian government with mariano rajoy mentioned in the tweets
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a no excuses for not getting it was in your mentions prime minister and this is how his deputy responded to that let's have a listen. i mean they're going to pretend that i know that i gather through the federal government on such an important issue we only asked for clarity to extend uncertainty will only favor those who wish to end peaceful coexistence and to continue with the poor project the government hopes that in the following hours up until the next deadline on thursday mr persia will give the clarity that all citizens demand and the rule of law requires we can understand his present and confusion and that he's doing that to meet the demands of the most radical groups ok so let's talk this through with our correspondents will start with me of barca who is in barcelona for us i mean it just drags on doesn't it need you think a deadline will bring something and then in a letter asking for talks. that's absolutely right it was meant to be a day old great
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a clarification that's what the madrid government hoped for from callers put them on board he did respond with is a letter that didn't say yes or no whether indeed independence had been declared just to remind you last tuesday he very briefly declared independence before almost similar tain islay suspending it for a period of two moms a period they he hoped would allow for face to face negotiations with prime minister mariano rajoy but it's a bit of a nonstarter roy and see the government to madrid basically saying that talks directly between preacher man and roy cannot take place that can only really happen within the auspices of the confines of parliament itself but also in that letter there were a series of other demands of the castle and leadership want to see the withdrawal of national police of which there are about twelve thousand here in catalonia they also want to see an end to a series of prosecutions of prominent castle lands that are currently unfolding and taking place in the capital madrid but prominently first and foremost it is talks
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that they really want and it's just simply not happening as you mentioned there we gather that when it comes to this new deadline on thursday pushing on will continue to remain tight lipped it appears that the logic here to be don't say anything at all they can be no justification in madrid for pushing the nuclear button which is to suspend and strip this region of all of its or ptolemy so at the moment leadership remain very quiet indeed i'll bet they do thank you that's new banker in barcelona let's go to madrid now and here is paul brennan paul you wonder how much patience i guess in the end the central government in madrid has because this has been dragged out. well i mean the commitment of the madrid government to this is steadfast because as far as they're concerned the referendum that took place in catalonia was illegal and unconstitutional and therefore to kind of reward it or to give us put him on some kind of forever cation or validation by entering talks
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based on the result of that referendum would send a quite wrong message according to the madrid government and the location where i'm standing out also gives you an indication of the attitude of the madrid government as well i'm outside the national court the high court in spain where the leader or the that the police chief of the council only a regional police is being investigated by an investigating magistrate for sedition and one of his deputies is also being investigated as well as two of the main pro independence leaders and if found guilty further down the line they could face fifteen years in prison now we're hoping to have some kind of outcome as far as custody decisions go within the next sixty minutes but the impact of that could be far reaching you know if
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a judge here decide to send mr barrow who is no that's one of the independence leaders coming back in because they have a little. oh dear lost our link to paul brennan just when it was getting interesting that well not that it wasn't interesting about this that he was walking behind him there and it's just kind of interesting is this thinking as we're here at the level and i see pictures coming in from kirkuk you know we're talking about the spanish referendum this is technically the result of a referendum as well as a you had a referendum in iraq in the kurdish region it wasn't recognized by the government the army has gone in today plenty of people left but plenty of people stayed as well and they are clearly supportive of the situation and maybe some of the strange why some stability it might bring there as well as takes away some of the uncertainty for now anyway let's go to london his mother sara with more international news for us and barbara. thank you very much unfortunately have to start to start with some distressing news out of somalia where the death toll from the twin bomb explosions on saturday has now risen to three hundred forty of the
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most severely wounded victims have been transferred to turkey for further treatment the bombs exploded at two busy junctions in the heart of the capital mogadishu it's that their deadly a single attack of the country's history with the government blaming the armed group. twelve people including six children have died after a boat carrying a huge of muslims sank in the bay of bengal all the refugees are approaching cox's bazar in bangladesh when their vessel capsized survivors have told local officials of the sixty five people were on board of the time more than one hundred eighty were going to have died in boating accidents while crossing into bangladesh. well the field hospital is open a bag with ash to help some of the hundreds of thousands of the hinge refugees who have fled there from me and the government run hospitals have been struggling to provide proper medical care from cox's bazaar time for child reports. fully a cure failed hospital open in cote de paulo refugee areas with the help of the
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norway g. and finnish red cross society there are doctors and nurses volunteers from bangor there's red crescent society as well here now this is about the size of failed this going to come at it up to sixty in house patients that i don't patient clinic there is a facilities that are surgical unit there are delivery unit there maternity unit a very impressive set up i must say it's got electric supply water supply and highly sanitized place filled also but i like this are very badly needed within the refugee camp areas the government hospitals are inadequately acute to deal with the number of refugees crossed over into bangladesh let alone local people they're also not well acute this hospital got all the modern acute plan for makes the departure journey unit if in the long run hospital like this is a set up filled ospital like this are set up within the refugee camp area it could made the long time studied you deal with the refugees health issues in bangladesh in coming years. at least twenty seven people have been killed in wildfires in
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central and northern portugal over the past twenty four hours nearly six thousand firefighters are battling the thirty major fires which are still raging the blazes which broke out over the weekend are being fanned by strong winds from storm ophelia a state of emergency has been declared venezuela's opposition is refusing to recognize the result of sunday's regional elections the ruling socialist party won seventeen of the twenty three governorships and president nicolas maduro is hailing an emphatic victory it's a major surprise with the south american nation in the grip of a long running economic crisis the opposition is calling for street protests if there isn't a full recount the israeli government has approved the construction of israeli settlement units in hebron in the occupied west bank thirty one in new units of been approved it's the first time the government has given official approval for construction in hebron in fifteen years the settlements are illegal under international law and critics say that they will make life more difficult for
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palestinians already restricted by checkpoints and curfews hairy force it has more from hebron. well this announcement from the israeli government approving thirty one housing units will see another illegal israeli settlement building go up within the old city of hebron and that is something that is very concerning to activists here who say that given the nature of the settlements project inside hebron where palestinians and israeli settlers live at such close proximity separated by cages by fences by barbed wire and by israeli army checkpoints and a large israeli army presence that this is going to make life inside have run that much more difficult for the palestinian residents here it is also something which you have to see in context of a wider growth in the settlement project the palestinian government says that it's increased by eighty five percent within just one year this week we're expecting to see hundreds more housing units approved either in advance of their construction or
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retroactively and so it is something of a trend which is deeply concerning to palestinians who live here in the occupied west bank certainly the mayor of the palestinian this party of hebron says he will challenge it both in the international arena trying to get pressure on the israeli government and through the courts as well as submitting a challenge to the israeli supreme court and china has unveiled its brand new twelve billion dollar airport in beijing it's tipped to become one of the world's largest when it opens in two years and will eventually be able to service one hundred million passengers a year the beijing airport as part of a massive infrastructure drive by chinese president xi jinping as he battles to offset fears of a slowing economy well that is it from london now back to the. and
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what's trending and number one that's an interesting one double standards why aren't we all with somalia talking about the. movements in the past when there's been a bomb attack or if it was in paris why they're not the same outrage over somalia that to be an interesting one to raid is always interesting things to read i don't see rid of combat is what you know the what's trending. commanders have been killed in fighting in the southern philippines city of the abu sayyaf and multi groups have been in control of parts of the cities and may defense
6:36 pm
minister. and they were killed government forces have been fighting the us a linked groups for control of the well from. well the secretary of defense bill seen lorenzana has confirmed the death of is me alone happy alone and or more about what they both are leaders of the mao to group they pledged allegiance to i still a few years ago and the raised its black flag over several parts of america we see it see the siege has been going on for more than four months now since the crisis began more than a thousand people have been killed and hundreds of thousands more have been displaced now the brother of omar met with a abdula mosiah was killed a few months ago also in a military led operation seventeen other hostages were also released today and the government admits that even though the conflict the fighting is not officially over there is still an unidentified number of fighters and hostages right inside the
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small battle zone now according to the philippine military they're expecting liberation to happen any time soon now the president is expected to show up this week where the philippine flags at the heart of what are we city will be raised for the first time in months. well as we know since taking office president would regard to territory has cracked down on crime especially illegal drugs a campaign which has killed thousands and drawn international criticism in israel is going to tell us about how this war on drugs has crossed the line gone from reality to virtual reality it is virtual reality indeed and while there is some serious controversy regarding a series of gaming apps on philippine president a war on drugs and since he became president the target has been an inspiration for several games like this where he is fighting zombies all this one where you can see him fighting criminals with some even flying kung fu action and there
6:38 pm
are some a little bit more disturbing though like to tatay fighting crime where the whole point of the game is to get him to kill as many drug addicts and criminals as possible and the new addition also features the philippines national police chief and a senator as characters now gaming apps like these you see here is quite a lot of them. quite a lot have been downloaded hundreds and thousands of times and are available birth on google play as well as the app store and some people say that the games are insensitive given to ted his controversial crackdown on drugs now over one hundred and thirty thousand civil organizations from around the world have signed and sent a petition so apple c.e.o. tim cook they're asking him to take down these ads and apologize for hosting them and there are accusing him of promoting to tattoos war on drugs to conceive consuming to the letter but these games to little bit more what what the petition
6:39 pm
says these games they say valorize and normalize the emerging terror any of the ted his presidency and his government's disregard for human rights principles. and many people tweeted in support of this petition as well told his says that it's the very least you can do for the filipinos who have been unjustly killed by detectives want drugs don't be insensitive now apple has not responded to the petition but the app developers like ben joseph banter from rooney to games says that his game seeks to discourage. drug use and not promote violence asked while mentioned earlier thousands have been killed in tatters crackdown on drugs since july last year so we'd love to get your thoughts on this to tweet me directly i'm after him a comment or you can simply just use the hash tag eighteen is great and include that in the twitter and facebook interesting stuff thank you for. something
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completely different global hunger which is on the rise for the first time since the turn of the century and so the head of the catholic church is using today world food today to demand change pope francis drew a standing ovation in rome when he called on governments to work together to end hunger the pontiff also said that wars and disasters have to end because they are forcing people to leave their homes in search of food so when i go through some of the numbers now to give you a bit of an idea of the scale of what we are dealing with here this is the headline number eight hundred and fifteen million people who are going undernourished on a daily basis way that is eleven percent of the world's total population and all of them again we're looking at one hundred fifty five million children under the age of five who suffer from stunting that is slow underdeveloped growth because simply they're not getting enough food and where is all this happening unfortunately surprise ninety eight percent of worldwide hunger exists in developing countries
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put it in perspective look at this hunger is responsible for more deaths than aids malaria and tuberculosis combined and what's causing it to things we report on regularly here are down to zero the pope said conflict and also climate change events well after a long drought several countries in southern africa there are actually enjoying bumper harvest zambia even selling excess maize to other countries but still there's a problem the poor farmers who remain vulnerable to things like unpredictable weather patterns how do we pass as our report. list of course or says this maze is the last of her reserves if the rains come late the season or if there is another drought her family will be in trouble it won't be in a if i can't get a job washing clothes i won't be able to buy food if the maize runs out the united nations estimates that small scale farmers grow about eighty five percent of zambia's food. and her sister say it's been a frustrating few years the drought and
6:42 pm
a pest invasion earlier this year by the four army were destroyed some of the maize production costs also high reduce our growing less than we used to grow even cabbages for it because now of reduced because of way electricity prices are high margaret says she pays on average four hundred dollars a month for power to irrigate ten acres of land despite the challenges that beah has had good crops of maize the country's staple food which it sometimes sells to other countries in africa we had a crop of maize. three point six million tonnes compared to last year where we had a drought of two point six million tonnes so it means that we basically have a moment in time but weather patterns in southern africa keep changing farmers know at some point they will be another drought despite relative political stability and more than a decade of consistent economic growth still has a lot of talent has the world food program says more than sixty percent of the
6:43 pm
population is it's also is to make it forty percent of children under the age of five in zambia have stunted growth because of money tradition the government is already more may storage facilities and also trying to encourage farmers like alice to grow drought resistant crops such as millet sorghum and the solder ellis' she's considering making the change but convincing enough people to do the same could take time. joining us from london now tracy county who is oxfam's climate change policy advisor nice to have you with us and it is put in we talk about climate change because i think the big things that grab the headlines are the hurricanes in the u.s. there's a big storm coming to the u.k. at the moment as well and maybe the issue of climate change affecting food gets overlooked a bit. there's no doubt that climate change has a massive impact on hunger and not just tend to get overlooked that's true but
6:44 pm
already this year we can point to many offense which is exacerbating food insecurity around the world you mentioned the hurricanes in the caribbean well lest we forget eighty percent of the crops in puerto rico were wiped out because of hurricane maria in eastern africa and there are currently fifteen million people dangerously hungry because of three three three poor rains over over a period of three years so sorry three rainy seasons that have been very poor and now looking at going into the fourth there are many people around the world whose lives have very precarious to changes in the weather and the increase in extreme weather events that people are experiencing is is having an impact on the rise in home what do we do about it tracy because because climate change is a long term thing it's like a big ship which takes
6:45 pm
a long time to turn around unfortunately in the short term what can be done about food security i know that's a really big question but given some of your ideas. well i think in terms of climate change there are two main things one is we urgently need to reach use global emissions because you know things a backdown out that's one degree of warming we need to really stop you know whole emissions growth so that climate change just not escalate further and but secondly we really need rich countries to provide a lot more support for the world's poorest countries to cope with. the increase in extreme weather you know ethiopia to give to give one example it's been over seven hundred and million pounds on the humanitarian food crisis faced last year it can't afford to do that year on year and indeed we don't want things to get to the point
6:46 pm
of reaching humanitarian crisis we need governments investing a lot more money soon now to help countries to to be able to withstand these extreme events and so for africa and a continent in sub-saharan africa over ninety percent dependent on rate fed agriculture and it really has a race against time to to adapt to a cyclical chal system to develop drought and heat resistant crops to get irrigation to to really you know develop a system quickly thanks tracy really interesting talking to you tracy got to joining us from oxfam in london now this is something critical was posted to the interactive section about a zero dot com to mark world food day what food means to me stories of. eating on a dollar a day hunger strike and growing food in the desert even this one evening for an online audience it's just a little if i can say this palate cleanser
6:47 pm
a reminder that depending on who and where you are food can be so much more than just fuel intake what food means to me have a search for that at al-jazeera dot com we've been talking in the past few days about the story of harvey weinstein the hollywood producer and the dozens of women who have accused him of sexual assault the thing is the story has gotten a lot bigger that it's gone past harvey weinstein and become more of a well the global movement in a way where he has been looking at what's that sort of morphed into now even bigger ok it's almost like a snowball effect or a harvey weinstein's cases prompted another global social media campaign and this one is called me to where we are now sharing their stories of sexual assault and revealing just how widespread these crimes are now the campaign really took off and the number of women telling their story is astonishing one on twitter and instagram
6:48 pm
and hash tag with with the hashtag me too has been used more than six hundred thousand times and it's also appearing on facebook with many celebrities joining in with the likes of lady gaga actress debra messing as well as an a pac and but it all really started with the american actress elizabeth lerner who starred credited for starting this campaign and she posted the message if all women who have been sexually harassed or assaulted wrote need to as a status we might give people a sense of the magnitude of the problem that this uses that need to harassed several times like every woman i know we talked to oxfam international who also it is taking part in this campaign and they told us that the project also highlights how often women stay silent. there are millions of women around the world who feel and i need to speak up about it west supporting me too because if the focus is the
6:49 pm
spotlight not just on the scale but also on the climate of shame and silence that creates an environment of impunity for perpetrators of violence i don't time international we have seen many times how women who come out and speak out against violence often silenced them never believed they were made to feel guilty and ashamed sidelined their stories are after all of the past while the men and the perpetrators walk away scot free and continued to abuse other women and girls it is time that we and violence against women and girls according to anti sexual violence organization reign one out of every six women in the united states has or will be a victim of attempted rape or anything for that now in countries like india as a systemic is actually much higher. men are also weighing in on this conversation
6:50 pm
right next to us tweeted men don't say you have a mother a sister or daughter so you have a father a brother and a son who can do better we all can if you are dissipating and you think that story is important send us a whatsapp message or you can just simply tweet us using the hash tag. thanks for his comment i just hear from one of your really good stories actually the philippines one mike said but really got to tell he doesn't have a controversial anti drug policy has a policy of mass murder for political gain there is a big difference your comments your questions the. sports news coming up for you next and he's here looking at. what he believes to be. n.f.l. owners a quick snapshot of the global weather. thank
6:51 pm
6:52 pm
you i thank you and here to talk sports the biggest name in football is not actually playing football that's right year colin kaepernick he's become a figurehead of course for a political movement but he's now taking legal action to try to revive his sporting career cap and has filed a lawsuit against n.f.l. team owners the twenty nine year old claims he's the victim of a conspiracy and isn't being hired because of his protests against racial injustice
6:53 pm
the quarterback has become known for taking nature in the national anthem before games that has been without city since leaving the san francisco forty nine ers in march a comic first protested by sitting during the national anthem that was in august twenty sixth day it was a preseason game for the forty nine ers he acted alone he said it was an effort to support those in the us he felt were being oppressed was the movement grew kapnek talked to a u.s. army veteran named boyer and decided taking and me would be a more respectful way to protest n.f.l. management owners and players are due to meet this week to see if an agreement can be reached on how or if individuals should be allowed to protest let's talk now to n.f.l. rights aaron gordon who joins us from new york aaron thanks for being with us in your opinion is captain it being singled out for individual treatments
6:54 pm
in my opinion it's quite possible that the owners are refusing to sign him because of his protests against racial inequality in the united states the challenge for capping arc is going to be proving that obviously that's a very difficult thing to prove now one point the owners seem to be backing the players right to protest but would i be right in saying that that stance seems to be changing. yeah i think the owners backing of the players right to protest was pretty tenuous to begin with i think it was always a desire by the owners to try and or at least their hope that this would kind of go away if they just ignored it and then i think when the trumpet ministration participated in basically ramping up the rhetoric around the protests a couple of weeks ago the owners realised that wasn't going to happen and now their support obviously is go it looks like it's about to go away i know the owners worry that the process of having a commercial impacts on the league in the front choices yes those
6:55 pm
owners are very worried about that in fact there was an e.s.p.n. report i think it was two weeks ago indicating that the owners main reason for their unity and togetherness message a couple of weeks ago where they participated in the pre-game gestures i guess you would call them in those cases was very much commercially driven they were hoping almost to usurp cap or next message to change it to be something about these vagaries like you know unity when that wasn't what capper nick was calling for to begin with and that motivation was very much driven by commercial interests and just tell us from from a sports and perspective is he good enough to get a team at the moment. from a sporting perspective there is absolutely no doubt that he is good enough to be on an n.f.l. roster we've seen other quarterbacks who are much much worse in almost any way you can measure their performance even non statistically just by watching them play get
6:56 pm
signed before he has quarterbacks have gotten injured and he's been passed over to sign quarterbacks who are literally coming out of retirement middling guys who have never had any success in the league meanwhile capper nick led a team to the super bowl just five years ago he is an incredibly talented athlete there's absolutely no doubt that he's good enough to play in the n.f.l. . and joining us from new york's thank you so much for that iran was such a quick look at what's being said on social media about this plenty in summary this from american sports writes it down a bit so he says by week twelve or thirteen every single person on earth you can throw a football four yards will be injured and cap and it still won't be signed well green bay packers quarterback aaron rodgers could be out for the rest of the season after suffering a broken collarbone on sunday could that be an eye opening the cap and wave a sign in a perfect world puck is now sawn colin kaepernick they win the super bowl and then call and makes trump the wants house is he good enough to get
6:57 pm
a team some unlike our in our guest isn't including the right to love to hate calling cap and its legal team explain why every other player that is nailed is still employed cap just isn't good enough let us know what you think about this story hash tag a news grid or you can get in touch with me direct at and under school sports there you go there all the details i'll be back with plenty more sports in the eight hundred g.m.c. news hour but for now let's get back to come lovely thank you for that and it is interesting the cap'n extort in a good question that you are standing about whether he is actually good enough because it does become it seems the story lot more than just about sporting ability contact details a bit more detail for you and he told you about the hashtag you know that you screwed. thank you so much for all your contributions today your questions and your comments because this is what makes the show that's what makes it work when we can take it directly to our guests you can send it on twitter if you want a.j. in this we do put out a call out there saying what's going to be on the show you can reply to the thread
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there at facebook dot com slash a.j. news grid is the live stream one of the better ways to shop to shop to shop to watch the show either on your laptop or your tablet or even used for you comment with emoticons and with comments as you wish the whatsit numbers up and running. you don't have to send comments or questions that we want pictures we want videos we want new ways to tell the stories from the ground thank you for that and we will see you right back here in studio fourteen at al-jazeera once again fifteen hundred hours g.m.t. tomorrow. you
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